Needless to say, the weather around here has been wild lately.  One day, sunshiny and beautiful, and the next four, dreary, freezing, and wet!    These type of days make for a LONG day, for mommies and teachers!

No recess?!  Those were two words the kids and the teachers dreaded hearing.  That meant no opportunity for a true “brain break” for the teachers and no opportunity for the kids to truly get their energy out.  Yikes!

But, have no fear, there are some great resources for teachers and moms alike to use on these yucky weather days.

Go Noodle is a free website that leads “wiggle” activities that allow for fun and structure (to avoid your classroom or home from turning into a zoo)!
My students loved days when they could have the opportunity to play board games in the classroom, because these days were few and farrrrrr between!  I loved when we did have days that allowed for such opportunity because I got to know my students on a different level, watching them strategize, take turns, and have fun.  At home, playing board games is an opportunity for you to teach your children a new skill, critical thinking, and of course, have fun with your little.

What kid doesn’t enjoy building with blocks?!

The Baby Einstein Childrens channel on Pandora provides a great mix of relaxing music and songs that direct the kids to move about while singing along.  One of my favorites is “Shake Your Sillies Out” from the album Everybody Likes Pizza!
In my classroom, we’d always have a stash of “special” books that weren’t always accessible, we’d get these out on rainy or special days to make exploring books even more fun and special.  Read with yourself, with a buddy, in a cozy nook.
See?!  Rainy days don’t have to mean “OH NO, NO FUN!”