Many of the fondest memories I have of my second graders relate to the read-alouds we shared. Books can take children on an adventure with the characters, transporting them to far-away lands (they’ve yet to visit) or exposing them to new creatures (they may not see anytime soon). And many books help children to recognize the character traits that can make them a good friend.

If I could have, my class and I would have spent the majority of our school days reading books together. I say this because books engaged them, taught them, and sparked ideas in them as well or better than any other tool we had.

Read-alouds were my go-to thing when my class needed to regroup.

Now that I have a LO, we also spend much of our days reading. She enjoys looking at the pictures, touching the pages, and occasionally tries to eat the book as well.

Some of our current favorites include:

My hope for her is that she comes to love books and appreciate all they have to offer.

Sharing a book with someone is so special. You can experience the story together or you can share your own, relevant experiences and broaden the learning experience altogether. Sharing a book offers a time to relax, lose yourself in the story, and escape all of life’s demands for a just a bit. This is especially enjoyable when you’re reading with a special person (or group of people).

Whether in the chair on the reading carpet in my classroom, or in the rocker in the baby’s room, I’m a huge fan of books!